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FA-9000ATS is make the decision the stalk with the FA-828ATE Or FA-4200ATE combine of" the direct current power supply test system", match the PC version test software of the latest development:"FA-828PC"s can link many mission machines(FA-6000MFB) and the numeral storage to show a machine( TDS-1002) automatically read 8 Ripples of electric voltage P- P, match can the procedure AC power supply, can control to output the electric voltage of AC, frequency.
Match the power form CP-310 can automatic measurement efficiency, the power factor and the importation power;Output the electric voltage also can through 6 1/2 numerical electricities read the value, can read the smaller electric voltage.
The short-circuit time length of the short-circuit test can set freely, also can do the AC power value of the short-circuit hour Judge the basis, test the judgment more accurate.

Featured Product

Model: FA-4200ATE



Model: FA-828ATE



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FAST AUTO ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. For the country inside the profession makes the precise S.P.S. The factory of the TESTER be close to 20 in the last years in the S.P.S. Spare no effort on the TESTER research development, the SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY TESTER that produce also is deeply use regularly by industry, our company throws in the budget of development to have 10% of the sales amount annually above, such the continuous development develop again, technique the progress progress again, the position that keep to lead permanently.
Our company from start practice up to now more than 20 years grow up with large customer together, our effort, and accept the innovation practicality, the business enterprise spirit that quality is highest, integrate many the year practices the experience. The company innovation be just for constructing the customer's faster accrual outlet. We helps trustworthiness is respect-work, to make the practicality. Will carry out customer's benefits to see forever as pursue the target ownly. The company development troops is increasingly strong, the new product pile up one after another, testing the function more and more overall.
The employee is a business enterprise originally, all workers of company letter corporate culture, full of mightiness of responsibility, have cooperation and offer the spirit, have the good occupation morals, brave innovation.

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